uşa de la intrare

marți, 31 august 2010

Numbers...just numbers

And nothing else matters.

..... 43.

Talking with my Guardian Angel:

- What's about it ? It's about drink? This drink?

- No, it's not my favourite. I like wiskey and Cuba Libre.

- But, what??? This T-shirt? It's your?
- Certainly not! Couldn't be my T-shirt! It's not my name! What kind of name is that: Polamalu? Who the fuck is Polamalu?
- Forget it!

- Maybe this time, I guess ! It's your dress!
- It's my....ass. Who wants a dress like this? Try again!

- OK! I know that! It's a road. No, it's a route!
- It's a bullshitt!
- As you say... It's my turn again, isn't it?
- Your turn...

- Oh, a ltd edition? Good taste!
- It's not my type! You're kidding!

- Hmmmm, it's an aniversary? Your aniversary?
- M-hm!
- 43? What a boring age!
- No, it's not, 'cause it's mine! And I'm not boring!
- Ok, you're the chief, today!
You have a desire, I supose!
- No, I havn't!
- Why? I can make the dreams comes true!
- Oh, I'm impressed!
- Don't be silly! You can try!
- All of my life was a continuous trying! So, I
have something to listen, if you don't mind!
And close the door behind you !
My favourite song, for this birthday:

Babybird - You're Gorgeous

It was 43? Next, please!